Antonin Scalia Fellowship

The Antonin Scalia Fellowship (ASF) is a graduate- level seminar examining America’s Constitutional framework. Over the course of these sessions, a highly-select cohort will begin with a study of the Federalist Papers; explore the conservative movement in historical perspective; delve into current legal policy debates; and consider opportunities and strategies for advancing the rule of law in a variety of areas. Topics covered will include Originalism, Judicial Restraint, Judicial Engagement, Federalist Vision of Administration, Big Tech, and Religious Liberty.

ASF will consist of 10 seminars, to be held approximately monthly on weekday evenings. Each seminar will be led by a prominent guest instructor and fellows will be responsible for 20-30 pages of reading in preparation for each session.

All seminars will be held in-person in Washington, D.C. TPIF will host happy hours and other optional events in the DC area throughout the course for ASF fellows.


Ideal candidates will be early to mid-career lawyers with a background working in government, the legal sector, think-tanks, academia, or media.

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The ideal fellow is a young professional committed to preserving liberty, upholding free markets, defending constitutionalism, promoting a robust civil society, and fostering United States leadership abroad.